Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 8:12

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Tugetab Kalenjin

Ruto preaches unity after stormy Kisumu session

Deputy President William Ruto has called for unity and diversity in the country by voters embracing parties that go above tribal politics.

Ruto said Kenya should move away from politics that brings division as challenges facing the country go beyond tribal and class division.

He spoke in Rongo town, Migori county, on Wednesday on one of his stops after youths in Kondele area of Kisumu forced him to cut short his speech after throwing stones at his motorcade.

“We should engage in leadership that is above division and politics; business and poverty goes beyond tribalism and cuts across all Kenya despite tribe, colour or creed,” Ruto said.

Ruto did not make any direct remarks over the chaos, but said the only party that people in Nyanza should embrace is UDA, which will bring development.

“We have the party that will bring change across all tribes in Kenya and help us face our challenges as a nation to end youth unemployment and create respectful business for all; that party is UDA,” Ruto said.

He said oif elected next year, he will ensure each constituency is allocated Sh150 million each to help cushion small-scale enterprises in pushing the bottom up economic model.

Without directly mentioning him, Ruto faulted ODM leader Raila Odinga for pushing through constitution change through the Building Bridges Initiative to distribute seats among his political allies instead of pushing through development.

“Should we change the economy or change the Constitution? We should first find a solution on empowering hustlers in the country and giving youths employment and work,” he said.

Ruto was accompanied by Migori Governor Okoth Obado and other local leaders.

Obado called on Nyanza voters to ensure they elect leaders they are most comfortable with in the future.