Saturday, 28 January 2023, 10:09

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Tugetab Kalenjin

UDA Party is our new home, section of Jubilee MPs declare

Members of Parliament affiliated to the Hustler Nation say they have found a new home claiming the Jubilee party has collapsed.

The MPs spoke after holding a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto’s at his residence in Karen to deliberate on matters affecting the Country.

“The governing Jubilee party has collapsed. The opposition NASA coalition has disintegrated. The Hustler Nation has found a new home in the United Democratic Alliance,” They said.

The MPs claim the Handshake between Jubilee party and ODM party while meant to enhance peace among Kenyans unfortunately led to the ruling party abandoning implementation of the Big Four agenda.

They say the Handshake degenerated into an unnecessary, arbitrary, selfish and unconstitutional attempt at changing the Constitution that occasioned unlawful and unbudgeted expenditure of billions of shillings of public resources that are to date unaccounted for and are a subject of the Auditor-General’s inquiry.

“For four good years, the country has been engaged in the BBI process, characterised by hubris, chest-thumping, blackmail, intimidation and bribery. In this process, party Parliamentary, committee leadership and members, who were perceived to be disagreeable to this scheme, became victims of a vicious purge and expulsion,” They said.

The MPs say it was unfortunate that the Criminal Justice system, Kenya Revenue Authority and other State agencies were mobilized and weaponised to intimidate, blackmail, victimise and persecute leaders, business people and ordinary Kenyans perceived to be opposed to this unconstitutional order, BBI and its anti-people recommendations.

“Regrettably, the NASA coalition, its principals and their Jubilee collaborators took the government hostage, hijacked its agenda and completely destroyed the governing Jubilee party and dismembered the entire opposition coalition, emasculated Parliament, undermined the rule of law, threatened the independence of the Judiciary and emboldened impunity and sabotaged job creation, Universal Health coverage, Food Security and Manufacturing thus scuttling the entire Big Four plan,” They said.

The MPs said they have now adopted a new economic and political paradigm that prioritises bottom-up over trickle-down economics, the people over their leaders, empowerment over power sharing, jobs over positions among other issues.