Saturday, 28 January 2023, 8:56

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Tugetab Kalenjin

Natembeya Warns County commissioners against illicit affairs with junior staff

ift-Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has sent a strong message of caution to newly recruited Assistant County Commissioners (ACCs), warning them against engaging in relationships with their juniors and civilians.

While addressing over 200 recruits, Natembeya asked them to maintain a positive image while in the course of duty. 

“Conduct your social life properly. If you go sleeping around with people in the villages, you will be in trouble as a person and bring shame to the government,” Natembeya said. 

While discouraging the ACC from sleeping with their juniors, Natembeya cautioned that sleeping with a chief is equal to elevating that chief to an Assistant County Commissioners level. 

“They will have reduced you to the level of a chief,” Natembeya said.

“Such a chief will not respect his equals and those in ranks between you and them. They will have the audacity to insubordinate their immediate seniors boasting that they share a bed with an ACC,” Natembeya said.

he ACCs will among other privileges have government vehicles at their disposal, which Natembeya warned them against abusing for personal use.

“Some of the drivers are very handsome. Don’t be tempted to ask them to accompany you for drinks, then, you end up sleeping together,” he said.

He cautioned that any sexual relationships with fellow government officers will be brought to the open.

“For civilians, it will be a great achievement. They will run around the villages telling everyone every detail of what they have done with you. But this won’t be the case with a government official,” he said.

He urged them not to lose themselves in the comfort of government facilities such as houses and vehicles, and instead focus on career development.

“You have landed a well-paying job while you are very young. Don’t forget about your life. Invest for your future. Learn to plan for your future early,” Natembeya further advised.

The Rift-valley commissioner also warned the ACC against any involvement in any corrupt deals.

“Sometimes, you will take a bullet for the government before senior government officers come to make subsequent responses. Do not be part of a corrupt system if you find any,” Natembeya said.