Saturday, 28 January 2023, 10:08

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Tugetab Kalenjin

Nakuru: Recce Squad Officer Dead, 2 Injured In Attack By Armed Thugs

A police officer attached to the elite General Service Unit’s Recce Squad was Sunday morning killed in an attack by armed thugs in Nakuru County’s Mazembe area.

Constable Harrison Onywoki was off duty and was in the company of his two brothers Hezron and Morara when they were attacked by a group of about five armed suspects.

According to police, preliminary findings have shown the three were returning home from a family meeting in Nakuru City Centre when they were accosted at a dark corridor with rungus and machetes.

The deceased was hacked in the head after he tried to put up a fight against the attackers while his brothers had injuries on their hands.

The three brothers were left with multiple bodily injuries while staging a fight with the suspects who had stolen their phones and cash.

Nakuru police Commander Peter Mwazo said the gang escaped soon after the incident.

He said the victims were rushed to the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital (PGH) by police officers on patrol, but Onywoki died while receiving treatment.

A team of senior police officers visited the scene as part of the probe into the incident. 

“The other two brothers were treated and discharged in fair condition. We are pursuing the killers,” said Mwazo.

The police boss said they arrested dozens of suspects in the area in a swoop but none of them was linked to the crime.

He said they have mounted operations in the city to get rid of criminal gangs that have been terrorizing locals.

“We urge cooperation from all stakeholders to tame this issue. We are determined to tame it,” he said.

Nakuru City has been experiencing a rise in crime incidents amid efforts to contain the trend.