Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba says government funds have been allocated to combat doping violations among Kenyan athletes. 

Speaking at the weekend, the CS said the development was part of a comprehensive plan established to protect the country’s most treasured heritage.

“Kenya will stop at nothing to protect its most valuable asset — the athlete,” Namwamba said. Namwamba revealed that Athletics Kenya (AK) and the Anti-Doping Agency (ADAK) who have been identified as key partners, will be allocated funds to assist in the operation.

“AK and the ADAK will utilize the additional funding set aside by the government to develop their testing, mobilization, reconnaissance, and surveillance capabilities,” Namwamba said.

“Moreover, they will facilitate the registration of coaches and training camps,” he added. The CS lauded the president of World Athletics, Lord Sebastian Coe for acknowledging Kenya’s sustained efforts in the whole exercise.

He said he was in constant communication with the WA honcho who praised the government’s action and plans in the fight against the doping menace.

“I welcome the additional resources provided by the Government of Kenya in the fight against doping. The only way we can reduce the magnitude of this problem is the collective commitment of all sports stakeholders in Kenya…” Coe was quoted as saying.  

Namwamba said the government will continue to uphold the right of all athletes to participate in sports without using stimulants.

“Authorities support the promotion of health, justice, and equality for all people participating in sports and recreation,” he said. He said the extreme cases of Kenyan athletes involved in anti-doping violations have left the government speechless.

“As a result of the alarming violations, Kenya remains a “Category A” federation under the World Anti-Doping Rules in Athletics. This is despite the existing legal framework put in place to tame the doping vice.”

“While Athletics Kenya (AK) in collaboration with the International Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) and the Anti-Doping Agency (ADAK) attempts to curb the use of muscle stimulants, the increase is largely the result of unfaithful people, who continue to undermine the reputation and talent of Kenyan athletes.”

Namwamba said the government admits Kenyan athletes are not safe from the temptations of abusing steroids and other substances, especially at the highest level.

“In this regard, we will increase awareness and mobilization to deal with this threat as soon as possible.”

He urged all sports organizations in Kenya to comply with the law on the use of doping drugs.

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