DP william Ruto met group of MPs and senators on Monday morning in his Karen residence, Nairobi even a parliament resumes in what is billed bruising battles as BBI agenda and DP impeachment floated by ANC MPs set to dominate.

however, former majority leader and Garrissa Town Member of Parliamant Aden Duale shortly after the meeting said “is not a walk in the park” and dared proponents ‘to bring it on’ to the floor of the house in a rare show of strength.

“WE ARE not worried about proposals to impeach the Deputy President Dr William Ruto. We will deal with them when and if they bring it on says the 139 (of the 162 who signed the statement) MPs. It is not a walk in the park. Ayub Savula does not require a comment” said Hon Duale.

Nakuru firebrand senator, Susan Kihika on her part urged international community to keep an eye on the affairs in the country to save the country before plunging into another chaos reminiscent of 2007/2008.

“We urge the international community to turn their focus to Kenya to help Kenya avoid going into a political meltdown. Stand watch and monitor our political environment.” said Kihika.

Parliament is set to resume sittings on Tuesday

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